Introducing Greenbox


Project pic 3 Introducing Greenbox

After many months of brainstorming, designing, coding, prototyping, and reiterating, we’re finally ready to announce our newest and most ambitious product yet. Greenbox, the eco-friendly smartphone-controlled irrigation system is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter.

Greenbox is made up of a single physical controller unit, an iOS application, and a backend (Greenbox Cloud). The 6-station controller, which takes just minutes to install, can replace existing AC irrigation controllers without requiring any updates to existing infrastructure. It receives local weather data and customized watering recommendations from Greenbox Cloud through the iOS app. The weather-based automatic programming enables users to prevent unnecessary watering. This makes for healthier yards and helps conserve water and save money.

The user experience provided is above and beyond anything offered on the market today. Setup takes 5 minutes, and the interaction with the iOS app is intuitive, efficient, and fun.


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Echoer is Now Live!

Slide echoer A 2.2 Echoer is Now Live!

With great pleasure I’d like to announce that Echoer, the app we’ve been developing for our client Echo Labs Limited, is now live in the App Store.

Echoer is a seriously innovative location-based social network that enables you to explore thoughts, discoveries and events around you in real time, showing you the most relevant posts above the noise. The app makes it very easy to share your thoughts or to “amp up” other users’ thoughts, all in a visually stunning user interface.

22seeds worked with Echo Labs from very early on, and together we took the raw concept and grew it into the sleek finished product it is today. We handled the iOS client, UI/UX, Ruby on Rails backend, project management, visualization, and product management. We’re extremely proud of the result, and hope you like it too.

Have a look at Echoer’s teaser video below, and

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Marketing & PR for App Developers (Part III)

please dont sue us Marketing & PR for App Developers (Part III)

At last, after seemingly endless brainstorming, wireframing, coding, testing, bug-fixing, re-testing, submission to Apple, approval, and dealing with the awfulness that is iTunes Connect, it’s time to make your app available for sale. You’ve already prepared PR materials and targeted your audience, and now it’s time to embark on the final, most exciting phase of building an app: the launch.

Don’t kid yourself by thinking that once your app is available in the App Store you’ll be able to go on vacation and occasionally check your download figures and chart ranks while sipping a piña colada. Your work is far from done. Actually – and you had better sit down for this – it will never be done, for as long as the app is available for sale. That is, if you actually intend to make money from publishing apps.

Cheer up, though – one of the great things about the App Store…

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Marketing & PR for App Developers (Part II)

pool2 Marketing & PR for App Developers (Part II)

So you’ve already created a killer app, and equally killer PR materials after reading Part I of this post. Now you need to find someone who cares enough to listen.

If your app provides value to its users and is competitively priced, then your audience is definitely out there, and it’s up to you to find it. Once you identify your audience, you’ll be ready to efficiently deploy your marketing and PR strategy. This post talks about some of the ways to get that done.

Target your audience

Every app requires some sort of targeting, whether it appeals to a mass audience or a narrow niche. The first step in targeting your audience happens when you build your product.

In order to convey your marketing messages efficiently, you should be spending a lot of your time communicating with the people who may potentially download your app, and little to no time…

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Marketing & PR for App Developers (Part I)

112 Lemonade Stand Marketing & PR for App Developers (Part I)

Let’s face it. There are some harsh realities to being an independent app developer. To name just a few:

  • Despite popular opinion, selling apps isn’t easy money
  • There are approximately 1 bazillion titles in the App Store
  • It’s seriously difficult to stand out in this market
  • Many app developers don’t have extra cash lying around to fund heavy-duty PR campaigns

We all know this by now. So yes, your app is, by far, the greatest creation ever to grace the App Store, and it practically sells itself. But you’ll still need to work pretty hard to captivate users.

Drawing attention to your product requires public relations, and the costs of funding mainstream marketing and PR campaigns are completely out of reach for many developers, who are left to do it themselves.

This guide contains the basics you’ll need to spread awareness of your product, which in turn…

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Understanding the Valuation of Apps

Whether you prefer iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, or heck – even Symbian, if there’s one thing we can all agree on about smartphones, it’s that we love our apps. Games, utilities, productivity apps, social networking apps – you name it. We just can’t get enough of ‘em. Apps have transformed the way we work, communicate, and spend our free time. It’s hard to imagine life before they came along, and even harder to believe they’ve only been around for a few years.

“What’s that? We’re supposed to spend our hard-earned money to download some silly apps? In this economy?”

 What exactly is it about apps that makes people so instinctively close-fisted? How can the same person who shells out $4 every morning on a Starbucks coffee-to-go agonize over the decision to buy a 99-cent app that will last them forever? Why does this distortion occur in our…

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